Hartford West End is a terrible place to live, a terrible place to work. Do yourself a favor don't come here you'll be glad you didn’t. All the Long-time businesses have left and any new ones that do come, leave after a year later.

Muggings here in Hartford's West End have become an every day occurrence, Advice don't walk alone anywhere along Farmington Avenue when the sun goes down.

Crime in Hartford West End as reported by Crime Spot. So many it is impossible to list them all. Here is a link to their website Crime Hartford west end

Quality of life in Hartford West End is at an all time low and getting worse

Farmington Avenue Business Association in conjunction with the West End Civic Association destroying small business in Hartford West-End and the City of Hartford looks the other way.

When the West End Civic Association along with the Farmington Ave Business Association with no input from local business decided to install a bus stop in the middle of the West-End business district located in the middle of the block, and have people crossing in the middle of the street slowing traffic as people make there way across. This has just given the area a bad look and people would rather shop in an area where they don’t have to risk hitting someone with their car or get beaten up. The west-enders I’ll call them have their head's up their ass. So many business have moved away and store fronts reman empty and in a brilliant move the city raises taxes to make up for the losses.

The Farmington Avenue Business Alliance lack of knowledge of small business and the city of Hartford lack of interest in small Business located in Hartford’s West End has contributed to over 50% closure of the west end business. The Farmington Avenue Business Alliance was informed by long-standing businesses that if they continued on this path they would do irreparable harm to long time businesses that depend on consumers coming in from the suburbs. The reaction was to laugh in those businesses faces as they knew more than the businesses themselves. None of the members in their organization have a business here in West End or any where, or do they own any property in the Bussiness area or, work there, or even shop in Hartford’s west end. Hence their lack of knowledge and how actual business works is evident in the destruction of the businesses located in the West End.

Hartford's West End, located just outside of downtown of Hartford, is now home to a retail business center that is in decline, and now Hartford's newest slums in the making, aka the west end slums. The Farmington Ave Business Alliance has done a great job in destroying business here and a well as nice place to live. It was once a nice place to live and have a business and now is associated with empty store fronts, murder and mugings. The only business that's here is drugs and crime.

Hartford Westend
The Farmington Business District (FABD),
Farmington Avenue Business Alliance,
West End Civic Association,
The Farmington Asylum Business Alliance
what ever name they go by are not to be trusted.

They live mostly on Oxford Street and are housewives that don't have any businesses in Hartford's West End, yet have manged to take control of the bussiness district. They have screwed up the West End Business area with there ideas of business. The crime in Hartford west end is on the rise, businesses are being forced to close at sunset so they won't get robbed. Everyone knows if you walk around here after dark you most likey to get mugged. Also Parking on Sisson Ave after dark your car will get broken into, so don't park there.

Long time residents are moving to avoid being harassed for money when they simplely go for a walk after eating dinner. This in turn is making the problems worse. As they move out and are replaced by people with no jobs who simply wander the area looking for money and things to do. Simply planting flowers is not going to fix the problems. This just makes a convenient place to throw their empty beer cans and the little booze bottles as well as all the garbage from the fast food restaurants.

This is what happens when uninformed people decide they know what business needs, and don't involve actual business owners.

Typical of what's now seen in the Hartford's West End on Farmington Ave

people hanging aroung looking for a hand out (Farmington Ave in Hartford West end)

Do your self a favor don't open your business here
live somewere else this is not a recommended place to be.

needle on farmington ave Sidewalk (Farmington Ave in Hartford West end)
Needles found on side walks

broken crack pipe (Farmington Ave in Hartford West end)
Broken crack pipe

used condom on sidewalk (Farmington Ave in Hartford West end)
Used Condoms on Sidewalks

There is so much crime in the Hartford's West End that it has become an everyday occurrence. The west end went from having no police stationed here for the last 30 plus years to having three. Police sirens are now so often heard on Farmington Ave, that they have become normal. People that live and work here are so used to hearing sirens, you notice when you are away from Hartford's west end, that the quiet seems abnormal.

Walking in the west end business district in the late afternoon, or at dust in to the night, you will get hit up for money, lose change, and has that scarey feeling that you are in the wrong place.

Farmington Avenue Business Alliance decided that having a bus stop right smack in the middle of the West end business district would be a great idea. Never consulting any of the businesses they took it upon themselves never giving it a thought how it would affect the businesses in this area. Now with people crossing in the middle of the block has made a mess on Farmington Avenue holding up traffic and giving people the feeling that there in the a bad section of Hartford.

The newly added bus stop right in the center of the business district has made a great haven for pan handling. Its hard to tell who is waiting for the bus and who there to pan handle. The Bus Stop also is a favorite place to hang and have a drink from the famous brown bag. On your way by don't forget to ask for a hit. The West End Alliance wanted to make it just like West Hartford center, but don't have a clue. Where West Hartford center is safe and business is brisk, Hartford west end is the opposite. Hartford's West End was a better place before the West End Alliance got involved. None of the Businesses here want them involved or belong to their "gang".

man handing out (Farmington Ave in Hartford West end)

man passed out drunk (Farmington Ave in Hartford West end)
Man Pasted out at bus stop

Here are some news articles from the
Hartford Courant...

Police: Hartford Man Beaten For Bumping Into Woman in Hartford's West End
December 14, 2010|By KIM VELSEY, kvelsey@courant.com,
The Hartford Courant HARTFORD — — Police said that a local man was beaten after he accidentally bumped into another man's girlfriend Tuesday afternoon. The man told police that he was outside of 220 Sisson Ave. around 3:40 p.m. when he accidently bumped into a woman who became visibly upset with him. The woman left, police said, but a few minutes later the woman's boyfriend and four other men arrived at the address.
Full Article Here

Double Shooting Reported In Hartford West End
December 27, 2010|By The Hartford Courant HARTFORD — Police are at the scene of a double shooting on Farmington Avenue by Laurel Street. The shooting was reported at about 7:40 p.m. Check back for updates.
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HARTFORD, Conn. -- Authorities reported that a man was shot multiple times by one suspect. The victim was transported to St. Francis Hospital, where police said he or she was in serious condition. The shooting took place shortly after 7:30 p.m. Monday on Farmington Ave. and Laurel Street in Hartford.
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Man Mugged in West End of Hartford
May 22, 2011 Police said a man was pistol-whipped and robbed in the West End of Hartford Saturday night. Around 10:20 p.m., the victim, whose named was not released, was walking in the vicinity of 36 Frederick St. when he was approached by a black male who was armed with a firearm, police said.
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Police: City Man Robs Hartford CVS At Knifepoint in Hartford's West End
June 21, 2011|By HILLARY FEDERICO, hfederico@courant.com, The Hartford Courant A 42-year-old city man was arrested on robbery charges Tuesday after police said he stole miscellaneous hygiene items from a CVS Pharmacy at knifepoint, police said. At 1:42 p.m. officers responded to an armed robbery complaint at the pharmacy, 566 Farmington Ave. Police said Raymond Lewis walked past responding officers trying to conceal a weapon. Officers were able to catch up with Lewis and recovered a gun in addition to the stolen items, police said.
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Three men broke into seven homes while the residents were at work in Hartford's West End
Hartford police are investigating a rash of home break-ins after three men broke into seven homes in the West End while the residents were at work on Monday. Tuesday, (Dec 13, 2011)
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Another Double Homicide in Hartford's West End. As the crime escalates in Hartford's west end, city still follows the bad advice of the Farmington Ave Business Alliance
Police said they received a report of shots fired about 12:10 a.m. When officers arrived they found two wounded men inside, (September 24, 2012)
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"I stay in my house after dark. I got pit bulls," said Julio Padro, who lives near the crash."
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Homicide in Hartford's West End. A man who was wounded by gunfire on Friday afternoon in the city's West End has died, police said.
When officers arrived, they found one man had been shot in the stomach on Sisson Avenue, (October 6, 2012)
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Detectives responded to a homicide on Evergreen Avenue late Wednesday night.
marking at least the fourth shooting victim discovered in the city since Tuesday morning(Aug 15, 2013)
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Police said two women got into a fight inside an apartment building on Evergreen Street.
A woman stabbed another woman in an apartment in Hartford this morning, according to police.(Aug 30, 2013)
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A street robbery took place about 20 minutes later in the area of 127 Girard Ave. and police believe the two incidents may be connected.
Police are investigating a carjacking and street robbery that took place early Monday.(September 3, 2013)
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A Man Shot and stabbed Multiple Times in Hartford's West End
HARTFORD — A 31-year-old man is in the intensive care unit after being shot and stabbed multiple times in the West End of the city late Thursday night, police said.(May 23, 2014)
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Five Arrested After Hartford Gas Station Shooting, Brawl
Police responded to the Mobil Mart in the 500 block of Farmington Avenue near Evergreen Avenue around 3 a.m. Saturday to investigate a report of shots fired. The gas station attendant said “That happening is like every other day around here, you know? So this is like kind of normal," he said.(May 23, 2015)
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