The creeps at the West End civic association claimed to involve businesses in their planning and zoning for Hartford West End residents and businesses. More lies as they watch businesses long time residences move away to find a better way of life, and the West End gets worse and worse place to live and have a business. Now they impose more rules and regulations to satisfy their twisted minds.

On Tuesday night, the Hartford Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing to get feedback on the new, 265 page, planning and zoning regulations. The Commission, a P&Z Advisory Committee (which included two West End residents), and several NRZ and City Departments, have been working since 2013 on updating the regulations that were last written in 1964. The P&Z meeting was well attended by residents and groups from around the city. The meeting lasted about six hours, and in the end, the new regulations were unanimously passed by the Commission. How do these changes impact the West End?

  1. Zoning on Farmington Avenue would require new retail and office updates by more pedestrian friendly. (there are no friendy pedestrians in Hartford)
  2. Rooming houses/boarding houses will be prohibited anywhere in the city except industrial zones. ( what industrial zones)
  3. Home occupations will be prohibited in the N-1-1 (previously known as R8) zones. (What?)
  4. The Village and the Hartford College for Women will be zoned as "campuses" but with usage listed as primarily residential use as defined under zone NX-1
  5. Prohibit a school or "assembly" use (eg religious institution) to be located at the Hartford Medical Society located on Scarborough. (Isn't there one located directly across the street this makes no sense.)
  6. Prioritize bike and pedestrian safety when designing Complete Streets (Farmington Ave). (As if there's so many pedestrians most people are afraid to come here)
  7. Require a public hearing for building on any site designated "campus".(So they can watch you beg and laugh at you in private)
  8. Protection of tree canopy through extensive tree-related provisions
  9. Provide a waterway buffer along the North Branch of the Park River.
  10. Updates to concerns about retail and residential rental signage.
  11. Strengthening and clarifying how the city can identify violations.
  12. Require grandfathered rooming house operators to have a "certificate of non-conformance" where the proof is on them to show they were a nonconforming use at the time the zoning regulations were passed. Additional regulations that also impact the West End, but will be open to further discussion in Phase 2

These people are idiots just look at down town hartford, but since their friends are running the government and we're just here to pay the bills the residence of Hartford's screwed Time to abandon this place.

Farmington Ave and Sission Ave